Hazel: An OpenSource delightful Webhook managment tool for all your needs.

Experience effortless webhook integration and receive webhooks reliably, even during server downtime. Our integrated features, such as automatic retries and rate limiting, coupled with our user-friendly monitoring solutions, ensure your stack remains operational. We provide a seamless and unified development experience, supercharged with our development tools and data transformation pipelines, for unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Trusted by 7+ amazing companies

Integrating with worlds best tools

Easily Integrate, as we redefine standards of quality and performance.

Unified Dev Experience

Our SDK will provide you effortless Webhook managment

The Hazel SDK makes it simple to keep your webhook code organized and maintainable. We do all the hard things for you, while also providing insides on your 3rd webhook services and your own code.

Get Started in just 10min

The Setup couldn't be easiernever think about your webhooks the same ever again.


Receive Webhooks

Receive Webhooks locally to develop and debug.

Works with any major environment and framework

Hazel SDK integrates in your stack, hassle free.

Debug Webhooks with our advanced Webhook Dev Mode integration

We provide a simple way to keep in check what webhooks you have implemented and make them super easy to test.

Pricing build foreveryone



Perfect for Hobbist

  • XD100k Events
  • XD100k Requests
  • XD1 Organization
  • XD3 Members
  • XDAll Integrations



for Startups and indie makers

  • XD1m Events
  • XD1m Requests
  • XD3 Organization
  • XD10 Members
  • XDAll Integrations



for Enterprise Users

  • XDCustom Events
  • XDCustom Requests
  • XDUnlimited Organizations
  • XDUnlimited Members
  • XDAll Integrations
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